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Joticle 6: Gamification Hints and Rules

July 23, 2020 Joticle Season 1 Episode 6
Query Everything
Joticle 6: Gamification Hints and Rules
Query Everything
Joticle 6: Gamification Hints and Rules
Jul 23, 2020 Season 1 Episode 6

Don't miss out as Joticle CEO, Scott Wilson drops some more information on Joticle Origin: Knowledge Hunt, the first gamification app to be launching in August from Joticle, Inc. 

This is quite possible the biggest hint giveaway that is going to happen blatantly.  Cash prizes and such will be covered in later podcasts, for now the only thing to know is each week the pot grows based on user usage.

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Don't miss out as Joticle CEO, Scott Wilson drops some more information on Joticle Origin: Knowledge Hunt, the first gamification app to be launching in August from Joticle, Inc. 

This is quite possible the biggest hint giveaway that is going to happen blatantly.  Cash prizes and such will be covered in later podcasts, for now the only thing to know is each week the pot grows based on user usage.

Hello everybody. Scott Wilson here, CEO of  Joticle so happy to be here. And we're going to be talking about the release of Joticle, our knowledge hunt, i 's research gamification. And I went over that in a previous podcast, but just to summarize, we're turning the research apps are what we call learning pods into a game.

So I'm going to run over some of what that game entails. Today, this should be launched in August. if I can get past all the barriers, Google likes to throw at you when trying to game, hopefully I'm not the only one that has gone through this process with Google. I'm no, I'm not, but they make it more than difficult.  I understand that some of it is a little absurd, but that's neither here nor there. it's their playground and I want to play in it. So with that said, the core fundamental challenge of a knowledge hunt and this one in particular, it's called  origin. the first, app to be released for game Reese, research gamification, the target is to reach, 10 points.

So there's 10 jots and you respond to 10 of them. I can say that again, there are 10 jots and each jot has a response. So there's 10 responses that gets you qualified, to the next stage. So I'm going to kind of break this down. There's a single winner for each game we release. That'll get the cash prize at the end of the whole thing.  

When you launched the app, you literally. have a jot and let's go over. What jot is,   jot is literally a short phrase and you're to use that phrase, to isolate it to a particular topic. And within that topic, a very specific piece of information. I'm giving you a way too much away just by saying that. not really, but enough that if you actually listened to this podcast, you already be ahead of the game because quite honestly, I''ve given you the biggest hint here right now.
You're more than likely to find the answers in our glossary. Now that's not to say all of them are going to be in the glass room, but I'm just going to give you that big hint here, because you're listening to the podcast. And since I know that the podcast. Fast audience is smaller than our Twitter audience.

You're already at an advantage over the Twitter followers. So anyway, there's one for you freebie right here. now with that said, we provide. For research portals at each stage of the game. So there's 10 levels and this I can think of them as levels. your first tier is completed on the Jocko mobile app.

And if you are lucky enough to reach the 10th. level, you have the nine points and you answer that correctly. You register your 10 points with our website and the first, 100 people to do that we'll have 10 points and then they compete for the cash prize. Now the winner of the cash prize gets another 10 points. So they have 20 points. Everybody that made the first 100 cutoff to qualify for the. Second tier of that game does not have to qualify again when we launched the second app, which is going to be another app that keeps falling.

So we're gonna be doing this in stages. So basically what happens is the more you play and the greater your chances of staying in the hunt. For the cash prize at the end of each one of these stages. So you end up having the top 100 or the first app that we're launching qualifying to win the cash prize of that.

Okay. The one person will win that cash prize and we're thinking of other options around that. in terms of top 10 cash prizes or some other kinds of prizes that we'll be giving out, we're still working on that part. We have some time to do that as we roll this out. So what happens is if you win and you have those 20 points, you kind of don't really have to worry about qualifying for the next game that comes out.

But here's where. You probably want to stay engaged is you can still add another 10 points. So at the end of the day, you automatically qualify and you always stay in the hunt to be in the top group of people. So the more you stay in the fold, what we're going to be doing after a series of 12 games, or is to have  those 12 compete for a much bigger prize. And so that's, that's the structure we're going for. It's going to be explained in way more detail, in the, rules section of the app, I'm just kind of given my little high level view of it. So you basically have to answer 10 questions. but they're not question, so again, sorry, 10 jots.

You answered the 10 jots. Yeah. For the first 100 to do it. You're in the hunt for the cash prize. So there's a sense of urgency to get through it now. again, along the way, there's four buttons there at the bottom, the research check, the Twitter, check the Facebook. We're going to be plugging in then big hints along the way and not necessarily giving the answer, but guiding you in the right direction.

I'm on top of that as part of our ability to, you know, want to train, our use base is that you can use the apps that we have on Google play right now. I think there's 46 of them to use as research tools for the answers. And again, I go back to, think glossary. and that's a big hint and because you're listening to the podcast, you're already in the know.

So anyway, the leader board is going to reflect the current standing. Once you register with our website. it's a way different process than using the mobile app. Obviously it's about, the, the final, and focusing on that. So while top 100 people are competing, we're going to roll out another game and this starts the process.

So even if this one game is in its final stage for a cash prize, another game will be launched with 10 new questions. So I hope that explains it. If you have any questions about that, email me I'm at Scott edge, article.com. Again, that's got a jotul.com. I know the transcription of these, these podcasts has been brutal on the word genetical, and that's fine.
We will be a household name until then. We just have to stand for all the funny. Re spellings of  and they do a wonderful job in this, in this, a tool that I use to, Edit the podcast, having a case of the us right now. Anyway, thank you so much for joining us. If there's any questions again, Scott at  dot com and  dot com.

Visit us at www dot  dot com, which. By the way. Yeah. If I say genetical.com enough, you'll see in the transcript, just how poorly they mess up the word Jocko. We are in the process of doing a complete revamp of our websites to match our mission. We're really excited about this. We've gone full bore into segregating out different, components of our company from our business services to our gamification, to our research pods or learning pods. we're really trying to keep our message clear. So in order to do that, we had to break things up. And so right now, when you land on John nickel, you see six icons for six of the segments of our company and that's about it. So look forward to those evolving, the knowledge hunt, section is specifically focused to where the winners will be registering their accounts when we don't keep any information about people. While they're playing the mobile app. We think that's a fine thing. You can play without worrying about being monitored or having to have of your personal information stored.

But once you get to the registration phase, we're taking that upon ourselves and being as minimally invasive as possible. I don't want to have to register anything with Google or any third party. And so I know that our information that we store. Is not going to anyone and will never be sold for marketing purposes.

I think that's fine for some companies to do. We are not going to do that. And that's not our business practice. Well, we want to create is a safe environment and a secure environment, but once you get to winning, you kind of have to share some information. So that's the way that's going to play out. I hope to talk to you next week.

I really enjoy doing these podcasts. I know there's a lot more to say about the game and I'm sure I'm going to be. Even more confused about what I just talked about when trying to explain the rules that we'll go over again, 10 jots, 10 responses, and you qualify for the next stage. Nothing much more than that.

There's no tricks. You can't buy your way in. You can't do anything cheap. All you can do is research and that's the whole point of it. And you can research Google. You can research our apps. You can research Twitter, you can research. Are Facebook, but we gave you the four places to find the exact answer we're looking for in the response.

So I look forward to hearing from you and I will talk to you later and remember where Joticle and we query everything.